Beyond addressing the future of our youth in relation to global goals and targets, one of the most inspiring outcomes is to engage youth across the world to get involved in national image development at a local, state, and federal level. Building thrust for global relationship and relevance is the primary goal under the umbrella of Kingdom Networking and foundations for quality leadership and management. The key is to communicate how to avoid allowing socioeconomic disadvantage to hinder fulfilling the purpose which God intended for each Kingdom Citizen.

As a nation’s place in the world is defined by a matrix of factors, which are reflected in two dimensions – how the nation sees herself and how others see her. The nation’s image of itself emerges from the shared dreams and vision of the leadership and the citizenry especially her youth.

Under the leadership of Nation Builders Organization with consultative status United Nations Economic and Social Affairs, in collaboration with our various Organisations across the world, the Maximize Life Conferences will include, but not limit itself to delegates from nations in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia, and North America.

Conference Goals

  • Address the needs of today’s youth to inspire success in the 21st century
  • Focus on youth development initiatives in social media, entrepreneurship and leadership to promote positive outcomes
  • Learn how to develop performance measures that increase results for youth organization
  • Leverage funding and resources to sustain youth services programs
  • Engage youth in their own development and leadership
  • Begin a national conversation on strategies to create and increase positive youth development and engagement
  • Provide an affordable professional development opportunity to youth serving professionals
  • Develop performance measures that align with program mission
  • Build a foundation for ongoing networking, learning and community wide resource sharing
  • Use technology to share best practices and to create a platform that allows strong strategies to reach new audiences with limited barriers

Maximize Life Conferences are poised to

  • -INSPIRE our youths for a performing generation
  • -GIVE hope to our collapsing future.
  • -RAISE role models worthy of emulation
  • -NUTURE effective leaders
  • -RE-ORIENTATE the minds of the youths to have a first class mentality, doing what is right irrespective of contrary opinion.
  • -RE-EDUCATE them on vital topics affecting the nation and their roles in it
  • -MOTIVATE them to search within themselves: putting their minds to work and getting solutions to challenges
  • -EMPOWER them to dream again and reach out to their dreams
  • -DEVELOP the leader within them
  • -BUILD a happier world where people can be fulfilled as individuals, playing constructive roles in their world


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Partnering with Nation Builders Organisation and the Maximize life Conference, India

Target Audience

Young Adults between the 16-40 years (high school, college students and graduates, pre-professionals, and professionals)

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Maximize Life Conference, INDIA

Theme: …Delivering the Future

With emphasis on global impact, Raising market place entrepreneurs, Local Change, Kingdom Principles on Leadership, Success, and Purpose

31st, January, 2015

Bethel Assembly of God India (one of the largest churches, with 7 different Indian language groups)

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Maximize Life Conference, Lagos, Nigeria

Maximize Life Conference 2013, Lagos Nigeria, was a huge success with about 4000 participants. Vision re discovered, purpose pushed, dreams awaken, and life’s were inspired, we had a number of amazing facilitators.

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Maximise Life Conference, Limkokwing University

20th September, 2012

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You're the future Initiative of the Commonwealth Youth Programs

Nation Builders Organisation organised, You’re the future Initiative, an initiative birthed from the 17 Commonwealth Conference of Education Ministers.

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