Youths are important resource in Nation Building worldwide. Every nation value her youths as their potent force in building and sustaining their economic development and building their future. The United Nation general assembly recognizes that youths in all countries are major human resource for development, key agent for social change, economic development, technological innovations and the development of the country’s image in the global society.

Ayanlola Ayanyimika

President,, Nation Builders Org

Keynote Speakers

  • Olusola Lanre (Conference Coach) IMC
  • Dr Mensa Otabil (Chancellor, Mensa Otabil University) Ghana ( West Africa)
  • Billy Selekane (South Africa)
  • Dr. Nawal Saadawi Egypt (North Africa)
  • Fela Durotoye (CEO, Visible Impact) Nigeria (West Africa)
  • Christine Karumba Congo (Central Africa)
  • Pete Ondeng (Chairman, East Africa Leadership Institute) Kenya (East Africa)

Effects Of This Program

This initiative is poised to

  • INSPIRE our youths for a performing generation
  • GIVE hope to our collapsing future.
  • RAISE role models worthy of emulation
  • NUTURE effective leaders
  • RE-ORIENTATE the minds of the youths to have a first class mentality, doing what is right irrespective of contrary opinion.
  • RE-EDUCATE them on vital topics affecting the nation and their roles in it
  • MOTIVATE them to search within themselves: putting their minds to work and getting solutions to challenges
  • EMPOWER them to dream again and reach out to their dreams
  • DEVELOP the leader within them
  • BUILD a happier world where people can be fulfilled as individuals, playing constructive roles in their world